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Terms and Conditions


AMA EVENTS is a theatrical production company and although we are non profit making it is necessary to cover costs for all our projects and productions. In order to cover production costs on average our commercial productions are charged at a rate of around £250.00 - £350.00 inclusive. This covers the cost of transport, costumes and sets and performers fees based on British Equity guidelines.


In the case of care homes we offer the shows at approximately half price but with the understanding the fee is paid on the day. The reasons for this policy is that in order to provide discounted shows the additional costs for such shows are paid for out of budgets for our other projects. Under Equity guidelines artists who perform under "single show" contracts are to be paid on the day of performance.


Our policy therefore, is to provide quality shows for care homes at highly discounted prices and we ask in return that payment be made on the day of the performance.


If a care home or management company  wish to conduct business on a normal corporate footing, (payments to be made within 28 days, etc) we would be happy to accept this arrangement but under the commercial cost of the particular show required.

In order to secure a booking, we will ask you for your contact details, venue address, time and date etc, to be filled in on page 1 of the Booking Form Agreement which we will email you. From the initial enquiry we automatically reserve the date requested for 48hrs, giving you time to return the signed form to us. If we do not hear back from you a reminder will be sent after the 48hrs have lapsed. If after the reminder has been sent, we still do not hear back from you we will cancel the reservation without further notice.


1. Depending on the show, we will require up to 1 hour prior to the show in order to set up and a minimum space of 3x3 metres. A power point will be required and please check the performance space required is available at your venue for the show you have booked. Performance spaces must not cover fire exits, doorways, aisles or any place required for general thoroughfare. Due to health and safety we cannot allow anyone into the backstage area or for anyone to use the backstage area as a thoroughfare.


2. Although we have police check certificates our performances are purely for entertainment and no AMA Events staff will be required or expected to act in anyway as "Carer" for any residential home resident. Members of home staff MUST be present at all times.


3. Due to the amount of equipment we use in our shows we request a suitable parking space or off-loading space be provided as near as possible to the performance room.


4. AMA Events-Seniors provides shows and entertainment on a "NOT FOR PROFIT" basis and all fees charged are to cover costs of sets, costumes, props and equipment as well as travelling costs and artistes’ fees. In order to keep costs as low as possible we will require payment for the show or entertainment on the day of performance. This can be paid in cash / bank transfer or company cheque (please note we do not accept personal cheques).


5. In the case of care homes who are dependent on their parent company making payments for entertainment services the given care home must arrange with their parent company for payment to be made to us by BACS no later than 7 calendar days after the performance. We will always send an invoice to the care home well in advance of any performance and we request this invoice be forwarded to the correct department at their head office as soon as possible. The care home will notify us prior to the performance if payment is to be made by their head office together with any relevant details to ensure there is no confusion over payment. If payment is not received by 7 calendar days from the date of the performance, this will constitute a change of contract from private rate contract to a commercial rate contract and an invoice for commercial rates will be issued. We operate this policy in order that care homes can take advantage of our "private booking rates" rather than our "commercial booking rates”. This does not affect your statutory rights.


6. In the event of cancellation the client will be liable to pay 50% of the overall fee if the cancellation is made between 8 and 14 days prior to the date of the booked performance or 100% of the overall fee if the client cancels the booking up to 7 days prior to the performance date. There is no penalty for cancellations made 15 days or more prior to the booked performance date. The client will not be charged for cancellations due to events such as fire, floods, national emergency etc beyond the control of the client at any time prior to the performance.


7. AMA Events -Seniors reserve the right to amend, change or recast any show without prior notice but not to the extent that any given show is altered to the detriment of the advertised and booked show. AMA Events-Seniors also reserve the right to cancel in the event of fire, flood, force majeure or any event beyond the control of AMA Events-Seniors.


8. AMA Events-Seniors has £10 million public liability insurance through British Actors Equity. All scenery is treated with industrial fire retardant and all electrical equipment has a current PAT test certificate.


9. AMA Events-Seniors is a branch of AMA Events which is the trading name of Anna-Maria Albici and Ian Britten-Hull.



If you have any queries or concerns about spacing, making a booking, our terms etc, pease get in touch and we will be happy to help and amend any terms if possible.

Costs and payment policy